Circus collection


The greatest show on Earth is life, but Barnum and Bailey’s circus comes a close second. This mythical American circus, known since 1919 for combining acrobatics, exotic animals and family entertainment.

As a child, Crail was heavily influenced by the artistic direction of the circus posters, imported from overseas by his horse riding teacher.

Crail quietly worked for many years with the horse circus from Bartabas in Paris, noting to himself: ‘Wherever you build the circus, the audience, the stars and the toliets are sure to follow.’

On 1st May 2016, Crail asked the rhetorical questions: ‘Where are the horses, the trapeze, the lion tamer, the flying elephant and the monkey on a moped? What happened to them? Do they have their own circus?

Maybe Crail Moansburg prefers the anonymity of the circus audience. Just to escape internet. But the seductive pull of the art world is too much for him and since 2012 he has summoned all his physical power from the present, combined with his mental experience of the past in producing irreverent and unique mixed media artworks.

Crail’s artistic dreams are brought to fruition thanks to a personal army of helpers based at the Karl Marx Factory in The Hague, Holland.

They also bring tea, vodka and clean sheets, whilst announcing the arrival of Moanburg’s new series of artworks: The circus.