Nothing to Declare collection


The inevitable conflicts caused by porous borders, broken promises, future spouses and remembering the map is not the territory.

Crail has always walked the line, keeping busy even when no one is watching, proudly announcing his declarations, crossing borders and welcoming companions into the Moansburg fold.

Having spent most of his formative years living in a strip club, Crail felt comfortable in No Man’s Land, where a lifetime of pandering and promising ended abruptly at closing time.

‘Nothing to declare’ is the gobbledegook of a nonsensical rhetorical question, an alternative battle cry. Religious types might refer you to their particular doctrine, whereas more business-orientated types might refer you directly to their accountant. But is not nothing something or not something nothing?

A lifetime of international travel, salty tears and broken dreams, proudly manifest in this latest masterful collection from Moansburg.